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Cell Adhesion Molecules and Axon Guidance-Neuroscience 631



From time to time Dr. Lemmon offers this mini-course.  The minimum number of students is four. 
If you can get a quorum, we can run the course.

A 6 week mini course

This course will review classic papers and concepts about cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) as well
as recent advances in understanding how CAMs influence axon growth and guidance in development and regeneration.  While we will focus on classic CAMs, such as N-cadherin, N-CAM, L1 and
integrins, we will also examine ephrins and other  signals, such as slit.  The basic approach will be a
short review by the instructor followed by in depth discussion of papers presented by students. 
Typically 4 papers will be discussed each week.

Week 1)           The discovery of CAMs; classic assays and methods
Week 2)           CAMs and cell migration, affinity and avidity
Week 3)           CAM based axon guidance in flies
Week 4)           CAM based axon guidance in vertebrates
Week 5)           Ephrins and the visual system
Week 6)           RPTPs, Slit, Comm, Robo

The sessions will be in the early evening on Wednesdays.

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